Every great business started with a small idea. Now it’s your turn. Get an idea and start your business today. But, how will you get a business idea that can change your life? Let me explain how you can do it in 3 simple steps. We all have seen formulas in mathematics or physics. There’s also a simple formula for generating life-changing business ideas, PISP, i.e Problem Identification Solution Providing. We all face numerous problems every day on our regular way of life. The first step is to identify those small problems. Now if there is a problem then there definitely is a solution. The second step is to find out a solution and then the final step is to make the solution available for all. Let’s make it simple. The road we are walking on has a lot of potholes. We just have to fill up those potholes. Let me give you an example. One day a young guy booked a taxi to visit Bandipur from Bangalore. The boy agreed to what the taxi driver demanded and got in the taxi without further negotiation. The 220 km long road leading to Bandipur from Bangalore goes through remote areas and jungles. At night suddenly the taxi stopped at halfway. The taxi driver gave the young guy two choices; one, he has to pay double the amount, the taxi driver demanded earlier or two, he will have to get off the taxi. The guy got angry and got off the taxi. That night he struggled to reach his home in Bangalore and realized that there was a terrible problem with the then taxi system. The drivers were rude, often charged extra money. He started thinking about these problems and finally discovered a solution. He rolled out app cab service in India for the first time. Yes, the name of that young guy is Bhavesh Agarwal, the founder of Ola cabs. Let me give you another example. In big cities of India getting a maid is not everyone’s cup of tea. They often charge too much, don’t bother about anyone, often they bunk their duty. Founders of companies like Hometriangle found out a solution for this. They changed the unorganized market into an organized one. Another example. Have you ever visit the vegetable market? have you noticed any problem there? Well, there are several problems. Most of the vegetable stores are unhygienic. They don’t have a refund policy. They do not deliver the vegetables to your home. You yourself have to buy vegetables and carry them to your home. Companies like Big Basket and Grofers noticed these issues and launched apps through which people can get vegetables delivered to their homes. Identifying problems is not that hard at all. There’s a way to train your bran to generate ideas for you. Take a notebook and every day note down 10 new ideas. I know, it’s near to impossible. For the first 2 days, you will do it easily, but then this will be challenging. This will put your brain in stress and teach it to generate more ideas, just like we go to the gym to put muscles in stress so that they can grow. There’s another hack. Meet with people from different professions and try to understand their needs, their problems. From today don’t only try to find out solutions to problems, but also look for business opportunities in every problem.