How To Market Your Film On A Small Budget In Just 5 Steps

How To Market Your Film On A Small Budget In Just 5 Steps

You have put tremendous hard work to make your film. Now you have to focus on marketing the film. But how? Read this article and learn how to market your film on a small budget in just 5 steps.
1. Marketing Materials

How can you do marketing without preparing your marketing materials? This means you have to create a brand for the film. Then you’ll have to prepare marketing materials using that branding. This includes everything from cover images and profile images for all of your social media platforms to a movie poster for your film.
2. Utilize The Internet

The easiest way to build your audience is to use the internet. Your film has to be everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok. You may also create a website for your production house or for the movie itself. You can hire 19 Digital to make a website for you at an affordable price. You have to post regularly on your social media platforms. The more you post on social media sites the more organic reach you get.
3. Press Release

The next step is to generate a press release. In the press release, you have to give all of the most important information about your film in a very small sample size. You also will have to introduce yourself to the media if you are a first time director or give a glimpse of your previous works. Film Festivals like Raindance give independent filmmakers an opportunity to open up to the press about their movie. Once your press release is finished you have to reach as many media houses possible. Also look for bloggers, YouTubers or websites which are famous among the target audience of your film.
4. Teaser and Trailer

The film production process is a long one. You have to keep your audience engaged. So, at first release a 10 to 20 seconds long video. This can be simply a dialogue or a logo reveal video. Release a series of tiny videos like that. You can also use some scenes which are not making it into the film. The last 2 videos of the series should be a little longer, but not too long at all. Then when both the pre-production and post-production are finished to release the final trailer. The first smaller videos would make your audience interested in the film and then the final trailer which should be around 1 minute in length would give your audience a glimpse of your movie.
5. Special Screening

Arrange a special screening of your movie for some selected movie critics and film journalists. The famous movie critics are active on social media sites. Probably they would announce on social media sites they are going to attend the special screening of your movie. This will obviously make more people aware of your film. If they love your film and you get positive reviews then it would be another big thumbs up for your film’s marketing. Now if you are not influential enough to reach famous critics just invite some social media influencers.I know you are a creative person. You are focussing on making a great movie. Parallelly focussing on the marketing of your film can be really hard for you. That’s why I would suggest you to contact 19 Digital for doing all the marketing for you and you just focus on making a great movie.

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